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Bislang bot ich meine Dienstleistungen als dr. sandra roth coaching & consulting an. Anfang 2022 habe ich mich mit Kristin und Gertraud zusammengetan und mein bisheriges Zwei-Frauen-Unternehmen (dr. sandra roth coaching & consulting) in die savvista gmbh umgewandelt.
Daher wird diese Website demnächst eingestellt und direkt auf unsere neue Homepage umgeleitet.
Bis 2021 dr. sandra roth coaching & consulting,
Until 2021 dr. sandra roth coaching & consulting,
Anfang 2022 transformiert in savvista gmbh.
transformed beginning 2022 to savvista gmbh.

Our new home:

Until now I offered my services as dr. sandra roth coaching & consulting. At the beginning of 2022, I joined forces with Kristin and Gertraud and transformed my former two-women business (dr. sandra roth coaching & consulting) into savvista gmbh.
Therefore, this website will soon be discontinued and redirected directly to our new homepage.


LEGO® Serious Play® for PMI Switzerland Chapter

I want to share with you my observations of this journey.

First of all, I think that most of the participants didn’t know each other so well because there was a mix of seniority from fresh new members to long-term faithful ones. On the other hand, along the year, the volunteers have activities in different domains in the organization but these activities are not necessarily cross-functional. So, the only efficient way to meet all of the other volunteers is to participate in several events of the Chapter. What was exceptional here is how fast the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® broke the ice between us. Building creative models, describing them, sharing the different points of view accelerated the interaction between each other. 

In fact, PEOPLE CONNECTION was one key to success for this day.

Secondly, commonly it says that a picture is worth 1’000 words. Here it was: a model of LEGO® is worth 1’000 abstract ideas. We were able to “materialize” ideas, visions, values, strengths and behaviors. The LEGO® builds were used as a support for communication. I could see stars in the eyes of most of the members, when a builder was explaining what she/he wanted to show or demonstrate with her/his construction. It was very inspiring to see how well we expressed our feelings through these colored plastic parts. 

In fact, CREATIVITY was one key to success for this day.

Thirdly, during the different sessions, the room was full of positive energy: music was played in the background, a tension was felt because of the time constraint of each session, but we were still doing our creations with lots of laughs, joy and pleasure. 

In fact, FUN was one key to success for this day.

Finally, I thought of you, dear professional: in your business, in your company, in your project, if you have to define a mission, the values and/or a strategy of your business, of your department or in your project, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® could be a very interesting tool to consider. 

If it arouses your curiosity and matches your needs, please contact Dr. Sandra Roth, she will guide you in this journey to achieve your goals, with high professionalism and full of enthusiasm.

Thierry Altenhoven, PMP

Find the full experience report here: https://pmi-switzerland.ch/index.php/publications/blog/1372-have-you-already-played-lego-but-seriously

Career Coaching (in person)

I had quite a few perplexing thoughts about my career, current job position, my future etc. swirling in my mind and did not know how to address them. Sandra’s patient and unconditional acceptance helped me to introspect and delve deeper into the core challenges I was facing, honestly.
Sandra gently guided me to prioritize the topics of importance and helped with simple yet effective techniques to achieve tangible results quickly. And the journey is still continuing….
Hallmark of Sandra is her genuineness and commitment to make difference in people’s lives.

User Experience Designer, large Healthcare Company, Zug, Switzerland 

Career Coaching (in person)

Life often yields more opportunity than can be taken advantage of at once – both in professional fields as well as in private circumstances. There is virtual always the chance to develop new business ideas or to advance existing projects. At the same time, there’s almost always the opportunity to spend time with your family or catch up with a friend. How do you deal with all these tasks arising from the many opportunities? How do you prioritize? And, after all, how do you find time for yourself? Living in the times of self-optimization and self-awareness, I thought to know the answer from books, videos and workshops on the topic, on which I have spent considerable time! Nevertheless, the coaching sessions with Sandra empowered me to improve even more. I became much clearer about my professional and private goals and how to attain these – things I considered myself to be explicitly aware of. Similarly, Sandra led me to find solutions for problems that I had accepted as a given. The coaching sessions with Sandra were just right for me to get to the next level.

Usability Engineer & Data Scientist, Healthcare Company, Lucerne (translated from German)

Leadership Coaching (in person)

In my experience, there are rarely people with whom I cannot get along. However, I currently have to work with a colleague who repeatedly annoys me with his arrogant, stubborn and insulting nature and I feel helpless because I no longer know how to deal with him in order to motivate him for his tasks. His manager has similar problems with him, but tries to “promote him away” instead of developing him. I chose coaching with Sandra Roth to find a way for me to interact with the employee without being emotionally touched. In my first coaching lesson we looked at the topics which trigger negative emotions and Sandra Roth sorted them with me using a triangle method. With communication situations between the colleague and me from everyday life, we practiced on concrete examples of how I can control communication and thereby protect myself. The first interactions with the colleague after the coaching session were much more pleasant for me. In another coaching hour we looked at the progress together and analyzed individual situations again and tried to optimize my communication strategy. In the meantime, I can interact with the employee in a relaxed manner and achieve my goals in working with him much more effectively than before.

Project Leader, Roche Diagnostics Int., Rotkreuz (translated from German)

Career Coaching (in person)

In my coaching session with Sandra Roth, I first worked out my strengths with the help of a creative “strength finder method” and intuitively divided them into groups. In the subsequent coaching conversation, I became aware of which talents I use in my job and which I also use privately. I spend a lot of my daily time on the job. The coaching made it clear to me that I would like to focus more on my strengths in my private life – also in order to reposition myself professionally. Through the action list developed in the coaching I was able to create more freedom for my private life and to develop a better work-life balance. So I can now pursue more private interests and am currently working on new networks. I not only find this inspiring for my private life, but I can also take a lot with me into my day-to-day work and break new ground creatively. Through the coaching I feel more balanced, more energetic and look curious about my future.

International Product Manager, Roche Diagnostics Int. (translated from German)

Career Coaching (online)

Your self-developed tool for identifying personal potential was easy to understand and very effective. It is also wonderfully suitable for a virtual coaching session, which is a real plus in today’s world. It was particularly exciting to see how much self-reflection was stimulated on the basis of a few, clearly formulated and easy-to-perform steps. In the subsequent discussion and deepening, you managed to stimulate many very exciting trains of thought through your active listening and very professional reflection of my statements. The session really helped me a lot in raising a few questions and structuring ideas. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Manager, Roche Diagnostics Int., San Francisco (translated from German)

Career Coaching (online)

I (m, 43, lawyer) had for a long time and increasingly the wish to change my career. However, I just couldn’t see the next step. After 90 minutes of online coaching with Sandra, I suddenly realized what I really wanted to leave behind: It was not my professional activity itself, but a specific environment and an industry. That was a groundbreaking insight for me. It was before my eyes, but hidden from me. I regained focus for my reorientation that day. 
I have an interview next week and I go there feeling like I have a solid compass inside me. The coaching was obviously very worthwhile. By the way, it was also great fun.

Lawyer, Basel (translated from German)

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